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23 - 26 November 2020

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Digital & Smart

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  • Day 1 NOVEMBER 23, 2020
  • Day 2 NOVEMBER 24, 2020
  • Day 3 NOVEMBER 25, 2020
  • Day 4 NOVEMBER 26, 2020
Panel Discussion: Digital dialogues – adapting to a world of exponential change
  • clock 12.30 pm
  • Digital & Smart
  • David Calkins
    Regional Managing Principal, Asia Pacific & Middle East Gensler - Singapore

Theme: Digital & Smart

  • How can building a solid digital roadmap help with operational challenges while also delivering competitive advantage for early adopters?
  • What are the ways that we can justify initiating, funding and resourcing data and analytics projects, including AI, to deliver tangible business value?
  • As the virus spread, offsite manufacturing, prefabrication and modular construction were in the forefront as the industry rushed to leverage these tools to build hospitals, faster and better. How are these technologies led manufacturing practices shaping the future of the industry?
Panel Discussion: Tomorrow VS today – ushering a new era of best practice
  • clock 2.30 pm
  • Digital & Smart
  • Trudi Sully
    Impact Director Construction Innovation Hub – UK
  • Jens Fussing
    Technical Director BG&E Consulting Engineers- UAE

Theme: Digital & Smart

  • How are current practices in the construction industry being reinvented and in what way can organisations remain relevant in this era of disruption?
  • In what way can digital technologies enhance ecosystem relationships, as firms can easily collaborate on projects?
  • What skills and knowledge are needed to enable new methods of functioning and thinking in construction?

Please note that the programme might be subject to change.