10:00 AM
Registration and networking
10:40 AM
Opening remarks from the Chairperson

Esra Lemmens Design Strategist
Esra Lemmens Agency

10:45 AM
Questions for architecture

This lecture asks architecture fundamental questions about the age of responsibility that the world is experiencing today. It asks for the first time where architecture should stand with technological progress, social progress and environmental degradation. It will allow for a new approach to architecture to emerge that formalizes approaches to end environmental pressure etc.

James Inedu George Design Director
HTL Africa, Nigeria

11:30 AM
People power: Driving health and wellbeing

  • Motivation
  • Investing in your team
  • Empowering self-awareness
  • Work / life balance
  • Continuous learning strategy –invest in yourself

Andrew Mason Director of Contracts
Calatrava International

12:00 PM
Bringing the outdoors in

  • What are the benefits of biophilia in architecture and interior spaces?
  • Exploring design solutions that resonate well into the future, promoting well-being, health, and emotional comfort
  • Considering the open spaces, and urban designs that would be more suitable for the Middle East & other warmer countries

Will Plowman Partner
Foster + Partners

12:30 PM
Designing for health and wellbeing – creating healthier, happier buildings and spaces

  • Understanding the direct connection between good design and positive health and well-being outcomes
  • The physical, psychological, social and ecological dimensions of the built environment, and its relationship to people’s health
  • Human-centric urban design – How can the project connect people with place and nature and be inclusive for all?
    How can material selection reduce hazards to occupants.

Dr. Nasser B. Abulhasan Principal & Founding Partner
AGi Architects

1:00 PM
Panel discussion: Designing for electrified cities – An opportunity to reimagine streets, buildings and landscapes

  • Collaboration
  • Technology
  • Sustainability
  • Mobility

Professor Dr. Sabih Gatea Khisaf Infrastructure Director

Chris Smeaton Associate Principal

Marwa Al Taffag Head of the Federal Buildings, Housing and Establishments Design
Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, UAE

Vikita Shahani Strategic Partnership Manager
Love That Design

Esra Lemmens Design Strategist
Esra Lemmens Agency

1:45 PM
Networking break
2:15 PM
Panel discussion: Conservation, modernization, and adaptation of existing buildings

How can architects contribute to the evolution of the built environment while safeguarding heritage and securing its future?

Ahmad Bukhash Chief Architect and Founder

Andrea Sensoli ASZarchitetti

Arthi Balasubramanian Studio Director
Gensler, Middle East

Cristiano Luchetti Associate Professor
American University of Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

Esra Lemmens Design Strategist
Esra Lemmens Agency

3:00 PM
Integration of design technology – looking at a progressive practice and research

  • How is it possible to implement innovations and assimilate them in a way that design, methods and technologies remain fully integrated?
  • Strategies for integrating innovation into design practices, risks and economic impacts
  • Case study – how technology/innovation implemented on actual architectural projects improve building performance, as well as design practices

Vignesh Kaushik Regional Director of Design Technology
Gensler, Singapore

3:30 PM
Metaverse case study: Hospitals of the future programme, North Africa and beyond!

  • Harnessing the potential of advanced digital and virtual technologies as an exponent of environmentally conscious sustainable design, to build a smart and resilient future for our buildings and cities of tomorrow
  • Remodeling and redesigning healthcare to create a reduced physical, carbon, water, waste, and capital cost footprint whilst delivering an AI designed therapeutic healing environment in a “hospital without walls”

Sandra Woodall Design Director, tangramMENA
Founder, tangramMETA

4:00 PM
Qasr Al Hosn: Safeguarding A National Treasure

Situated in a natural coastal desert landscape, Qasr Al Hosn is the oldest and most significant structure in Abu Dhabi. It began as a conical coral stone watchtower to defend a potable water source. The Bani Yas tribes of the hinterland Liwa Oasis cultivated this strategic area of coastline into a settlement guarded by an impenetrable fortress. This place, fort and people forged a symbiotic relationship. The community and the fort’s appearance were influenced by the local economy, trade and natural resources, as the structure grew from its humble beginnings into a fort and a palatial home for the Ruling Family. The building was a refuge, a physical symbol of unity, the home of cherished rulers, a centre of administration and a place where ideas, innovation and wisdom could be exchanged. Mark’s presentation will outline the significance of this structure and the works that were undertaken by DCT Abu Dhabi to conserve Qasr Al Hosn, which now stands as the nation’s living memorial and the narrator of Abu Dhabi’s history. Through hand sketches, construction photographs and historic images, Mark will illustrate the care and consideration that was taken in the conservation process, re-establishing the building’s context and the Architectural curation of sequence and space through the building’s layers and enclosures.

Mark Powell Head of Architecture
Department of Culture & Tourism, Abu Dhabi

4:30 PM
Panel discussion: Architects of the future – a collaboration between academia and industry

  • How can the academia and architecture community together support young professionals entering the profession?
  • Creating a more innovative workforce – learning between fresh graduates and the practice
  • Academia offering a curriculum that reflects real-world practice, client consultation, and collaboration inside and outside the field

Mihir Sanganee Design Director

David Lessard Design Director

Juan Roldan Associate Professor
American University of Sharjah

Prof. Albert Fakhoury Director
Innovation & Sustainability Centre, Canadian University Dubai

Rashiq Muhamad Ali Founder/Director
RqMA Architecture + Design

Ralph Shelbourne Architecture Executive Director-Project Delivery Division
Red Sea Global

Esra Lemmens Design Strategist
Esra Lemmens Agency

5:15 PM
Future rescue innovation

  • Enabling and empowering people through the power of architecture
  • Building the change we want to see in the world

Sharifah ElEssa Founder

5:30 PM
Closing remarks from the Chairperson

Esra Lemmens Design Strategist
Esra Lemmens Agency

5:35 PM
10:00 AM
Registration and networking
10:10 AM
Opening remarks from the Chairperson

Esra Lemmens Design Strategist
Esra Lemmens Agency

10:15 AM
Keynote session: Giving form to the future

Formgiving – the Danish word for design – means to give form to that which has not yet been given form. In other words: to give form to the world that we would like to find ourselves living in the future. A task more important than ever, as humans are the greatest force shaping the planet today. To feel that we have license to imagine a future different from today – all we have to do is look back ten years, a hundred years, a thousand years – to realize how radically different things were then than now. The same would be true if we could look forward with the same clear sight. Since we know from our past that our future is bound to be different from our present, rather than waiting for it to happen on its own we have the power to give it form. Formgiving takes you on a journey across time to sense how the world around us has been shaped, from the past to the present and beyond – from the Big Bang to Singularity.

Kai Uwe Bergmann Partner
Bjarke Ingels Group, BIG

11:15 AM
Sustainability, health and well being – a human and planet centric approach

Arjan Pit Managing Director MEA
UNStudio, UAE

11:45 AM
The power of light: Enhancing design and transforming spaces

  • What is the importance of light?
  • When should lighting design be considered?
  • What benefits does light bring to a project as we move to a more experiential world?
  • What lighting techniques can be used to enhance a design and transform a space?
  • Where do we tend to go wrong when it comes to lighting design?

Paul Nulty Founder

12:15 PM
Innovation | Sustainability | Technology

  • An overview of integrating Innovation, Sustainability and Technology through RAW-NYC projects over the years.
  • A strive for sustainability by integrating environmental, social and economic strategies.
  • Embracement of technology and data to unleash creativity and unique opportunities.

Raya Ani Founder | Design Director
RAW-NYC Architects

12:45 PM
Panel discussion – Designing for a circular economy and carbon neutrality

  • How can the architects support circular design to contribute to the drive toward carbon-neutral buildings?
  • Collaboration is the key – focusing on reducing operational carbon and embodied carbon with the help of all those involved in the construction process
  • Designing out waste and reuse – viewing buildings and spaces as material banks or storage vehicles for the future
  • Adaptability at the heart of circular design – creating a synergy with business needs

Richard Fenne Director / Regional Executive Chair
Woods Bagot

Dima Al Srouri Founder & Director
Biospheric City Lab

Sam Graham Managing Director

Esra Lemmens Design Strategist
Esra Lemmens Agency

1:30 PM
Networking break
2:00 PM
Planning the next generation of sustainable cities

Learn what it takes to plan sustainable cities that are shaping the future. The talk will cover various projects under planning by URB covering topics including Smart Cities, Liveable Cities, Resilient Cities, Biophilic Cities, Green Infrastructure, Productive Cities, Empowering Cities, Inclusive Cities and more.

Baharash Bagherian CEO

2:30 PM
Fireside chat: Impact of the Metaverse – architecting around the hottest buzzword in the tech scene

  • What is Metaverse?
  • Who will build it?
  • Why does it matter for architects?
  • How can designers play a significant role in this upcoming digital economy?

Siddharth Peters Co-Founder
Love That Design

Dr. Georges Kachaamy Director of the Center for Research, Innovation, and Design (CRID) and Professor of Architecture
American University in Dubai (AUD)

Esra Lemmens Design Strategist
Esra Lemmens Agency

3:00 PM
Networking break
3:30 PM
Innovation case study – G2S (Grid2Shell) and IoF (Intelligence of Facades)

  • Intelligence of Facades – the new Schüco IoF system and
  • G2S
  • Parametric yet system! Contradiction?
    • Design freedom without boundaries
    • “Wrap me around your building’

Alastair Common Technical Director

4:00 PM
Incubator for sustainable cities

  • Learn about the world’s first incubator for sustainable cities, an R&D programme focusing entirely on developing new solutions for the next generation of sustainable cities across the world which includes urban-tech.
  • URB is transferring its sustainability know-how through the incubator whilst engaging with the best minds in the world, to create an innovation hub centred around sustainable cities.
  • URB’s aim with the incubator is to discover, support and mentor the next generation of urban entrepreneurs. In this session, URB will provide the highlights of the 2022 incubator and announce the winners on stage.

Baharash Bagherian CEO

4:10 PM
Panel discussion: Myth-busting practical applications of natural stone

  • Practical residential and commercial projects case studies
  • Lessons learned

Nikita Chellani Lead Interior Designer

Juan Roldan Associate Professor
American University of Sharjah

Islam El Mashtooly Creative Director

Sajiv Shrivastva Chief Executive Officer, Natural Stone Division
Al Milad

Esra Lemmens Design Strategist
Esra Lemmens Agency

4:55 PM
Closing remarks from the Chairperson

Esra Lemmens Design Strategist
Esra Lemmens Agency

5:00 PM