25 - 28 November 2019 | 11:00 - 19:00 DUBAI WORLD TRADE CENTRE

Naturelmar started in natural stone sector in 2005 in Demre, Antalya with a limestone quarry. In the quarry, every month 15.000 tons of block can be produced and approximately 10.000 tons of this production are mainly exported to China,India,Taiwan, etc.. every month, as well as 11 countries . In our two factories, which are located next to Antalya - Demre Quarry with closed area of 12.000 sq. meters in total, we are able to manufacture slabs and tiles with any thickness as well as marble tiles production with minumum thickness of 1 centimeter. There are cutting, polishing, filling lines for slabs, tile lines , thin and thick chamfer lines in our facilities. As of the year 2012, our factories capacity reached to the level of 2.250.000 sq. meters per year.

As Naturelmar Mining Company, as well as exporting blocks, almost all of our slab and tile production are exported to 42 countries, especially USA, Gulf Countries, European Countries and Asia.

Our limestone quarry in Demre, Antalya has one of the richest reserve in Anatolia. Our aim is to offer our high quality products to our customers with high level and sustainable service.

In year 2018, our main goal is increase the capacity of our Beige Quarry in Isparta, to operate and continue serving our new beige quarry in Elmalı, grey marble quarry in Mersin and white marble with fossile in Gaziantep to our customers. In addition to all, we are aiming to be one of the main raw quartz provider after our recent purchase of the 2,000 hectares quartz field in Kayseri for quartz marble producers.