25 - 28 November 2019 | 11:00 - 19:00 DUBAI WORLD TRADE CENTRE

For over 40 years, FAWAZ Group of Companies has been growing and taking great strides in various fields, marking a remarkable legacy of great success.

Conquering the electromechanical engineering business, we aspired for more development, much better presence in the market, and to be a diversified multinational business entity. The determination to succeed did not end there. Soon after, the company’s intrepid reach expanded to more countries in the GCC, adding in the process more diverse business lines in varying industries to its rich repertoire of products and services.

Today, FAWAZ Group boasts a long-standing legacy of top-quality service provision and customer care. It runs its operations through four main business lines.
1. Trading
2. Facility Management
3. Manufacturing
4. MEP Contracting

With precise and consistent steps, the group took to the manufacturing industry by introducing its first proprietary product. The FAWAZ Group launched its flagship brand, FREGO, in the GCC, which enjoyed jubilant success, leading to an expansion in the product portfolio. Today, FREGO boasts an extensive range of home appliances and air-conditioning equipment that caters to all customer needs. It provides high-quality products at competitive prices, securing massive sales and soaring consumer confidence.