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Climate Control Middle East


Into its sixteenth year, Climate Control Middle East magazine has been covering the regional and global HVACR industry with an unwavering commitment to providing in-depth news and analyses on policy, business and technology. To date, the coverage – in print and digital – has included a broad sweep of topics ranging from regulations and standards to enforcement measures, from contractual obligations to dispute-resolution mechanisms, from energy security to food safety and security, from building performance to climate change, from data centre cooling to process cooling and from fire safety to vaccine (pharma) integrity. Embedded in them are specific topics related to district cooling, standalone systems, transport refrigeration, cold storage warehousing, indoor environmental quality across diverse building profiles (healthcare, hospitality, education, FMCG, aviation), commissioning, building retrofits, refrigerants, IoT, AI, machine-learning, predictive analysis, BIM, blockchain and more. In covering the topics, the magazine has constantly applied such markers as health, safety, energy efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness, keeping in mind broad regional and global social, economic and environmental goals.