26 - 29 November 2017
11:00 - 19:00 Daily
Dubai World Trade Centre
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Technology Talks

With changing times, the role of technology in construction is on the rise. The exciting and cool Technology talks will help you understand how to best adopt and implement the latest innovations in technology like BIM, Smart Buildings, Geo Spatial and more. Listen to Top Tech Guru’s talk about the disruptions and uncover tools and process to change the built environment.

Below is the initial agenda for the Technology Talks. We are working on finalising this soon, watch this space for updates.


Preliminary Agenda

  1. BIM integration during design process 
  2. How can BMS systems improve energy efficiency and operational performance?
  3. Smart Living in Smart Buildings – advancements in home automations
  4. All you need to know about IoT – Internet of Things
  5. From Smart buildings to smart cities – How to improve efficiency and performance through integrated technologies?
  6. How is BIM transforming the construction landscape?
  7. Introduction to 4D and 5D BIM
  8. The new era of (GeoBIM) - BIM GIS integration
  9. The role of Drones in construction
  10. 3D modelling or mesh construction
  11. How AR (Augmented Reality) can benefit construction?
  12. Cloud based technology for integrated performance of buildings


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