26 - 29 November 2017
11:00 - 19:00 Daily
Dubai World Trade Centre
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Business Talks

Be a part of Business Talks this year

Overwhelmed with technical info? Don’t you worry as with our customized and in demand Business talks, we have got to you covered.  Some of the most influential leaders in the industry will address some very relevant and unique topics to grow your business, build a profitable portfolio, remain relevant and divulge the secrets to success.

Below is the initial agenda for the Business Talks. We are working on finalising this soon, watch this space for updates.



Preliminary Agenda

  1. How construction will drive the growth of Dubai economy in 2017?
  2. Key strategies to achieve profits in construction
  3. Mergers & Acquisitions and its relevance to the Middle East market
  4. What is the current market scenario for construction and where is it headed to? / Business opportunities and growth areas in the Construction Industry
  5. Why is Real Estate the number one preferred investment across Dubai?
  6. Opportunities for the private sector to invest in public infrastructure hence nurturing key development in the economy / Opportunities for PPP (Public Private Partnership)
  7. The need for businesses to reinvent in order to remain relevant  
  8. Role of Project Finance in Construction / Alternate financing options in the wake of changing oil prices
  9. Effective Time management in Construction/Cost Management – Jayan Balakrishnan
  10. How to best prepare for VAT in construction? /What is the impact of oil prices on the construction industry? What is the way forward?
  11. What are the Key Steps to resolving the inevitable construction dispute? – Any law firm (DLA piper)
  12. Remuneration strategies to attract and retain accomplished leaders in construction considering HR costs/ How build and retain Your Talent Pool for Future Growth? 


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