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Industry Reports 2016

NEW! For 2016: Expo 2020 Big 5 Dubai Report

NEW! For 2016: The Top 10 Projects in Dubai Report

NEW! For 2016: The Dubai Construction Market Report

NEW! For 2016: The GCC Hospitality and Leisure Recreation Report

  • An examination of the Hospitality and Leisure Recreation Industry in the GCC.

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NEW! For 2016: The GCC Fit Out Industry Report

NEW! For 2016: The Public Private Partnerships Report

NEW! For 2016: The Green Building Revolution

  • Examining how Dubai is leading the Green Building Revolution.

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NEW! For 2016: Affordable Housing in the GCC

  • An Examination of the trends in affordable housing in 2016.

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New! For 2016:Evolution of The Smart City

New! For 2016: Clean Energy in the UAE

  • The Big 5 Briefing examines the impact of the UAE’s pursuit of clean energy and the opportunities it creates.

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