26 - 29 November 2018 | 11:00 - 19:00 DUBAI WORLD TRADE CENTRE

Zainab Mohammed



Zainab Mohammed CEO Property Management & Marketing Al Wasl

Zainab Mohammed is an Emirati luminary who has actively driven the real estate sector forward with her progressive inclusions and revolutionary innovations that are not only a first from a regional perspective, but on a global scale as well. A savant in her field, with 17 years under her belt, she is currently the Chief Property Management and Marketing Officer at wasl properties whose tenure has captured the imaginations of all her peers. Zainab leads more than 200 employees across five major divisions, including Property Management, Legal & Collection, Maintenance & Asset Management, Marketing & Corporate Communications, Owner’s Association Management, and Management of Industrial Land Operations.

Zainab is in charge of the leasehold and freehold businesses of wasl’s Property Management division and her expertise is foundational for the success and progress of the company where she currently oversees the management of 40,000 residential units in addition to retail and commercial outlets across Dubai. In addition, she oversaw the launch of sales of multiple freehold projects that generated heightened investor interest.

Ms. Mohammed’s flair for understanding the needs of customers while maintaining the culture and heritage of the Emirate also saw her establish the Smart Centre’ — a customer-centric centre that manages all leasing, customer service and maintenance operations electronically. She is a source of inspiration and guidance to her colleagues, peers and members of her community.

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