25 - 28 November 2019


Sougata Nandi Founder and Chief Executive Officer 3e Advisory

Sougata developed and implemented the region’s first Sustainable Development Policy for TECOM Group, still considered to be a pioneering achievement with several milestone results achieved. Sougata prepared the first Sustainable Development Report of the UAE in 2009 for TECOM Group and followed that up with a second report in 2011. 
Hailing from the Indian Institute of Technology (Bachelor’s and Master’s in Energy Engineering), Sougata’s work since 2000 in the UAE has reduced carbon emissions in excess of over 200,000 tons to date. Under his leadership, the Emirates Energy Star program was set up in 2011, and this program continues to reduce UAE’s carbon footprint by over 5,000 tons every month. Previously, Sougata has implemented Energy- and Water-conservation projects in over 200 buildings, across the UAE, including the first retrofit Grey Water Recycling project in Dubai. He is only the second LEED AP from the UAE and was the LEED AP on 6 of the first 12 LEED-certified projects in the Middle East.
In recent times, Sougata has focused largely on utilizing ICT to deliver a more sustainable environment. Sougata firmly believes that while designing for sustainability is important, what is more crucial is the sustainable operation of developments through their entire lifecycle.
Sougata’s work has won him and his organizations several Awards in recent years, including the prestigious Emirates Energy Award multiple times.

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