25 - 28 November 2019


Murtaza Manji Founder, ActionCOACH Kaizen Consulting Group DMCC

Murtaza Manji is an entrepreneur, business strategy coach and speaker based in Dubai, UAE. Over the last 6 years of running Kaizen Consulting Group and ActionCOACH Dubai, he has worked closely with over 550 CEOs and Business Leaders from the GCC, UK and Tanzania - where he originally hails from. He is usually brought in to work with businesses looking to scale, grow their financial results and achieve organisational growth targets. 
Murtaza’s focus is creating systems and structures that nurture and support growth throughout the company. From minor tweaks in sales and operations, to revamping the reporting and accountability structures from the top-down, he helps results-focused executives make high-impact business decisions on how to best position the organisation for success. Most of his clients run award-winning companies, and these individuals are - as he describes - leaders who "think at 100 miles per hour, and need everyone to keep up”. 

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