25 - 28 November 2019


Firas Alsahin Managing Director 4SPACE Design

Firas Alsahin is a Managing Partner and Design Director of 4SPACE - a dynamic, multi-talented, and multi-awarded design studio delivering a quality architectural and interior design services in Dubai.

He is a fully accredited SBID (Society of British International Design) Professional.

He started his career as a Managing Partner and an Interior-Architect in 1999. His hard work and perseverance for more than a decade have paved its way to finally venture overseas. He started establishing 4SPACE in Dubai with his Managing Partner Amjad Hourieh in 2012. They work with local and global brands to design comprehensive environments with an effective commercial purpose.

As a founder of 4SPACE, Firas Alsahin never stopped achieving his goals. Multiple awards were received for the past years that made his name to be well known in the design industry locally and abroad.

Firas Alsahin’ passion for design resonates to all his projects in the field of retail, hospitality, and F&B sector. He always considers his designs to be futuristic, minimalist, functional, social, and sustainable.

Thru proper motivation and dedication, Firas Alsahin has managed 4SPACE to withstand the challenges that come its way and have a perfect work-life balance.

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