25 - 28 November 2019


Craig Garrett Project Technology Leader BuroHappold Engineering's, Middle East Region

Craig Garrett - BuroHappold Engineering's, Project Technology Leader, Middle East Region.

Based in Dubai with 8 years of Middle East experience, and a further 25 years cross industry experience with numerous consultants and contractors alike. Craig is recognised as a leading achiever in digital delivery in his region.

Building on extensive knowledge of complex geometry projects, Craig’s skills are tuned to the creation, development and experience of data management throughout the supply chain. Working as part of the clients representative team during construction has led to a practical understanding of on-site digital delivery to facilitate, digital construction. supply chain manufacturing, facilities management and operational requirements.

As an Associate Director of BuroHappold Engineering, Craig actively develops and disseminates the internal BIM policy being developed globally. This defines and tracks BIM deployment and use, through technical training plans, process measurement and project reviews. All this ensuring a high level of quality and implementation that has been recognised by industry awards.

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