25 - 28 November 2019


Alain Waha Global Lead BIM & Digital Transformation Burohappold Engineering UK

Alain is the global lead for BIM and Digital Transformation at BuroHappold Engineering.  Reporting to the Global Design & Technology Director, Alain’s work since 2014 has been to institutionalize BIM across this global practice, and to steer technology initiatives.  He is also works with digital startups in #proptech and automotive.  Alain joined the construction industry in 2008 after a career in Aerospace and Automotive.  Since entering the AEC sector, he held roles as CEO of VC backed BIM services firms where he delivered BIM implementation and digital transformation.  His experience now spans the breadth the AEC sector in term of supply chain, geography and projects.  This includes VDC in the Middle-East, Design projects in Europe, and Supply Chain enablement in the United States.  Alain is a regular invited speaker at Digital Transformation and industry events such as BUILTWorlds, BILT, AutoDesk University, Ecobuild, and is an advisor to the Institute of Civil Engineers digital initiative.

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