25 - 28 November 2019


Aileen Dela Cuesta Architect Wanders Werner Falasi Architects

Aileen is a registered architect by profession with 9 years in design and construction for land developer, consultant and contractor sides from development studies, pre-contract to project handover. With broad experience in design and technical capabilities covering all architectural and construction related disciplines, I have been involved with the design departments for hotel, residential, office and industrial building projects. As well as in pre-contacts on infrastructure tenders in United Arab Emirates. Having a strong understanding of design, engineering and construction; I managed the Architectural team for the construction of commercial, residential and institutional buildings in Singapore and Philippines. Hence having confidence in communicating with clients and stakeholders.

Being exposed to modern design and construction at its extreme, specially here in Dubai; I am confident with my design skills. My time management and organizational skills are exemplary. I have solid written and verbal communication skills and good understanding of effective communication for different audience and purposes.

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