25 - 28 November 2019

Looking at The Big 5 today, it’s difficult to believe how it all started. Yet, I clearly recall its first edition in 1979, when the show took place under a tent alongside the Dubai Creek, and only had three little halls dedicated to ventilation & air conditioning, water treatment, and building materials.

As a Greek exhibitor at that time, I witnessed in first place both the potential of the local market and the benefits to participating in The Big 5. That’s why I started promoting the event in Greece.

I always believed The Big 5 was a massive opportunity for Greek companies, even more so during the Greek crisis.  During one of the toughest times in our modern history, The Big 5 helped Greek exhibitors to strive even in harsh economic conditions. We decided to therefore open an official Big 5 representative office in Greece and managed to further grow the Greek participation at the event.

The Greek government has recognised the huge role played by The Big 5 in supporting the
export of Greek companies and has therefore provided its full backing of the show for the past two decades.

As a result, many Greek companies that exhibited at The Big 5 have a strong presence in the UAE today. Others are now working on prestigious projects like Expo 2020 Dubai, or export to the entire region.

Today, The Big 5 keeps being a fundamental platform for us. It is way more than an exhibition: it’s an open gate on a huge and promising market, including the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

The Big 5 is the annual meeting point for everyone in the construction industry. Why? Because the UAE is an easy place to travel to, there are no complicated visa requirements, so companies from across the globe can simply say “let’s meet at The Big 5 once a year!”

40 years after its beginning, it is therefore more crucial than ever to be at The Big 5 and meet industry colleagues.

Paul Kyriazis
The Big 5 Representative for Greece