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Judge’s advise for a stand-out awards entry

Are you going to nominate a colleague, project, or organisation for The Big 5 Construction Impact Awards?

Make sure your application stands out from the rest by taking a look at our judges advise from Mohammad Asfour, Head – MENA & African Networks at World Green Building Council.

Can you share any advice for entrants when compiling their submissions?

Be authentic! Tell us why you do what you do. What is it you’re truly passionate about and how your skills, knowledge and experience are helping you or your company advance that mission in life.

Your submission should address a problem you want to solve or an opportunity you want to create. And for you to succeed you need to demonstrate excellent knowledge of the market and what it needs. We don't live in silos you know.

People are more interested in tangible results. Things that have been proven successful or have the potential to succeed. Explain this to us. Show us how your helping create a more sustainable future. Creating impact.

Finally, I’d love to learn more about your team and how others helped realize your project or idea.

How can it benefit an individual or organisation to be recognized at the impact awards?

Winning a competition that is internationally recognized is like a quality stamp. It tells people you are capable of delivering on your promises which will make it easier for them to do business with you, invest with you or support you.

This gains extra value when you have distinguished group of judges as well.

What is the best part of being a Judge from your perspective?

Helping others! The same way people helped me succeed and become the person I am today.

It took me a lot of time, dedication and pain to reach the place I am today. I would like to share this so others benefit from it.

It’s great seeing others succeed.

How does it benefit the industry to have awards events?

By highlighting certain topics and bringing them to public attention, such awards help transform the market. And by recognizing market leaders it sets and example that others might consider.