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Urban Design & Landscape Talks

Walkability and access to green spaces are top selling points these days for any community living. Urban spaces are expected to be greener and more sustainable promoting healthy living. Implementing the right urban development strategies can significantly result in a more efficient design approach, a more creative environment, and a healthier population. The Urban Design & Landscape Talks at The Big 5 will lay emphasis on the opportunities and challenges faced in turning the region green, initiatives taken up by global and local government bodies and work done by the urban design and landscape architecture firms, globally and locally. These Talks are produced with the expertise and guidance of industry specialists aiming to foster innovation for the future on the sector.

Key Themes

  • Sustainability
  • Healthy living
  • Urban humanism
  • Technology

Who should attend?

  • Government officials – Municipalities & Urban planning councils
  • Urban Planners
  • Project Advisers
  • Heads of Urban Planning & Landscape
  • Urban Designers
  • Master Planning/Master Planners
  • Landscape Architects
  • Landscape Designers
  • Landscape Managers
  • Principal Architects
  • Irrigation Managers
  • Community Development
  • Sustainability, Energy Efficiency & Green Building Consultants
  • Academics and Researchers

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