The roadmap to net-zero

The programme will bring together the brightest minds, the disruptive thinkers, most exciting innovators and advisors from ESG-focussed construction businesses. Speakers, delegates and partners committed to integrating sustainability and net zero into their core business, will be welcomed to collaborate on how the construction ecosystem will support the region’s ambitious net zero targets.

Given the international commitments made at COP26, spotlight on the Middle East and Africa is high. With Egypt hosting COP 27 and the UAE hosting COP 28; and announcements by UAE and Saudi Arabia on their net-zero plans, the need for the constructions sector to do its part is never more critical than today.

Join The Big 5 community to discuss and collaborate on scaling solutions and working together to increase ESG and achieve net-zero emissions and zero waste in the industry.


Advancing net zero in the construction industry

Leadership in ESG for construction

Accelerating change through scaling up solutions and collaboration

Zero waste and increasing the use of substitute materials

Reporting on ESG metrics in the construction industry

2022 Advisory Board Members:


Who should attend?

Organization Type

  • Government
  • Developers
  • Financial Institutions
  • Technology Providers
  • Consultants
  • Contractors
  • Materials Suppliers

Job Titles

  • Director General
  • Sustainability Directors
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • General Managers
  • Country Manager
  • Net-Zero Lead
  • Head of ESG