The GAIA Awards Overview

GAIA Awards Overview:

The Gaia Awards were launched in 2008, and now they have grown into the industry’s most respected awards honouring companies whose construction equipment and products have truly adopted the concept of moving towards a more sustainable built environment. Environmental awareness is becoming increasingly important within the construction industry in the Middle East, as new building regulations in the region require all new buildings to meet international green building standards. The Gaia Awards recognizes the achievements of a company’s responsibility towards the environment and provide a platform to highlight their green products and showcase future developments.

A panel of industry experts  with acclaimed credentials have carefully selected the shortlisted  few who are expected to demonstrate an exceptional and unique product that can successfully be integrated into the built environment in the MENA Region. Over 120 products were submitted for the 2017 Gaia Awards, all of which exhibited high calibre that made choosing the finalists a hard task, even for our highly-experienced jury.



Green Technologies 

Green Technologies is an Engineering Consultancy Company specializing in Environmentally Sustainable solutions, for new and existing building projects, in Air Conditioning, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Engineering in the Middle Eastern Region.

Their engineers have worked in Dubai, UAE since 1977 developing leading edge Engineering techniques and Sustainable approaches to solve today’s complex MEP needs. They offer modern, efficient, cost effective solutions to complex MEP issues and can assist with Concept, Design, Construction and Maintenance to the highest standards of Green Engineering.

In addition to MEP Engineering and Sustainability Consulting, Green Technologies channels this expertise into the field of educating design and construction professionals on LEED, Sustainability and MEP Engineering, Green Technologies is a US Green Building Council Education Partner delivering accredited Faculty led LEED workshop, focused on project based LEED and MEP content.

For further details, please visit www.greentechno.com

GAIA Awards Video

Take a look at the video highlights to learn more about the Gaia Awards.