Gaia Awards Winner 2017

Gaia Awards Winner 2017


HIDROSTANK's winning product is a modular manholes that enables contractors in to carry a faster execution of civil construction works.  

The main advantage of HIDROSTANK cable pits that distinguishes it from the other concrete/plastic chambers is the: Modular.

Its modular feature helps the chambers where it consists of different pieces of different dimensions, you can build the required size at the moment in very little time. This also saves a lot of money and resources in transport.

Due to the reinforced polypropylene and the patented design, the chambers do not need to be surrounded by concrete (Please feel free to ask for the technical tests). This design also provides a total versatility when it comes to making the inlets for the different pipes/tubes.

They are easy to handle due to being light-weight which is a benefit with regards to the health and safety policy.

The chambers can be installed very easily, whatever the end use, by a single man in very little time. Compared to concrete access chambers, the product saves a lot of time and helps when the run-time is tight, and it does not need a crane for transport and handling and therefore, it is much safer for the work force.

Finally, it is environment friendly as the raw materials come from recycled polypropylene which can be recycled.