Start-up City

Start-up City

Bringing innovation into construction

Start-up City is the innovation platform where the startup ecosystem and the construction industry come together. Contech and Proptech start-ups are in the spotlight in front of 67,000+ construction professionals. You will get the opportunity to engage with the actors of the most exciting construction industry region in the world and take advantage of the 40+ years traction The Big 5 has to offer.

Get ready to build and expand and push the construction industry forward.

"If you are a start-up looking for exposure or to test the Middle Eastern markets, you should definitely consider The Big 5 Start-up City. We met high quality customers from across the region and we had an overall great experience with many follow ups."

- Lawrence Rankin, CEO, Nuwvuw

Why exhibit

Validate your product in the market

Validate your product in the market

Build your brand

Build your brand

Generate qualified leads

Generate qualified leads

Network with industry stakeholders & investors

Network with industry stakeholders & investors

A complete exhibiting package:

  • A fully equipped exhibiting space
  • Online listing on The Big 5 website
  • Marketing support by a team of experts
  • Training for the pitch competition

The Pitch Competition

All exhibiting start-ups can enter the highly regarded Start-up City Pitch Competition, which is an additional opportunity to magnify your brand recognition plus you will stand a chance to win $25,000 ($5,000 in cash and $20,000 in marketing promotion).


Included in the competition:

  • A pitch training with an expert to prep you for the competition.
  • 3 minutes to pitch your product, followed by 3 additional minutes of Q&A
  • Expert judging panel
  • Amplified visibility
  • Winning prize of $25,000 ($5,000 in cash and $20,000 in marketing promotion)

CASE STUDY: How TENDERD closed deals over USD 30,000 at Start-up City 2019


TENDERD is a heavy equipment rental marketplace for Middle East and North Africa. By exhibiting at The Big 5, TENDERD was able to meet the right people, gain brand recognition and tailor their services to the market needs.

"Throughout the four days of exhibiting at Start-up City at The Big 5, we met many potential clients & partners"

- Chong Siong, VP Growth, TENDERD

Start-up City Pitch Competition Judges

Aref Boualwan

Senior Manager Digital Transformation & Strategy


Kavya Agarwal

Investment Associate


Robyn Brazzil



Cinar Kurra

Chief Executive Officer

Catalyst - A Masdar-BP Initiative

Mohamad Sabouneh

Operations Executive


Imad Itani

Innovation Manager


Ned Jaroudi

Startup Business Development Lead

Amazon Web Services

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