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5 - 6 DECEMBER 2022

Innovation and inspiration for
Architects and Designers


Terms and conditions for #EAbuildsJenga

  1. The competition will run from 24 - 25 May 2022, 11:00AM - 5:00PM.
  2. Each player will have only one turn to create the tallest structure by stacking Jenga blocks.
  3. Each player will have two minutes.
  4. The Jenga blocks can be stacked in any direction. No more than three Jenga blocks can be stacked vertically at one time.
  5. If the structure collapses, the player will be out.
  6. The player needs to let the team know when they have completed their structure. The team will record the height  of the structure and the player's details.
  7. There will be one daily winner. The daily winner will receive a VIP pass which grants the winner and a plus one access to Everything Architecture.
  8. The player who creates the tallest structure across the two days will be the overall winner. The overall winner will receive a special prize.
  9. The overall winner will be contacted on 26 May 2022 and is required to collect the prize from Everything Architecture stand, 6F243, at INDEX exhibition before 7:00PM on 26 May 2022.
  10. Everything Architecture is an exclusive event for architects and designers, taking place from 5 - 6 December 2022 in Dubai World Trade Centre.