26 - 29 November 2018 | 11:00 - 19:00 DUBAI WORLD TRADE CENTRE

28th November 2018

Dubai World Trade Centre

Changing the popular misconception of relating construction to a man’s job, this timely seminar series will prove to be eye-opening and inspirational to countless professionals in this industry. Addressing the need to reinvent gender diversity in the workplace, you will hear from strong, powerful and successful women who are changing the game and setting an example for other women in the construction industry. Hear real life stories, best practices and challenges overcome by top women in the industry at The Big 5 2018. A strong focus of this event will be on networking, as well as building long lasting relationships.

12:00 Opening remarks

12:05 Keynote: Women in Architecture

  • This educational and technical session will be delivered by a visionary who has made their mark in architecture and will discuss the design complexities of the projects and creative inspiration for architecture

12:30 Keynote: Women in Sustainability

  • Sustainability is the need of the hour, the future and the hottest topic today. This session will see a sustainability expert highlight latest developments and advancements related to sustainability in infrastructure and design, net zero energy and green buildings

12:55 Panel Discussion: How can non-technical professions contribute to the success of the construction industry?

  • This discussion will explore the support driven from functions that generally have more women such as HR, Admin, Corporate communications, Finance, Legal etc. and evaluate the impact on the growth and success of the organizations. This session also covers the importance of building Talent pipeline

13:40 Break

14:00 Keynote: Women in Engineering

  • There is a gap between the demand for engineering jobs and the manpower. This gap can easily be bridged by the hiring of women. While some companies manage to attract the talent, they have trouble retaining skilled women engineers. This session will engage a dialogue on hiring and retaining women in the engineering field including construction  

14:25 Panel Discussion: What initiatives are organizations taking in order to promote diversity and inclusion in the work places?

  • How are companies today championing for diversity with respect to including women and minorities in the decision-making process? This session will also include on the gender conversation in a solution-focused way, and utilize new developments and trends within engineering and construction to help advance in this career despite any roadblocks

15:10 Break

15:30 Keynote: Women in Technology

  • In this session, we will see how women are breaking barriers in disruptive technology? We will also explore the roles of women leaders and innovators in breaking the boundaries on how things have always been done to increase efficiency, lower risk and costs, and boost the bottom line

15:55 Panel Discussion: Key challenges faced by Women in Construction

  • What are the roadblocks to success for women in largely male dominated construction industry? What are the tips from successful women in this industry on carving a career path for yourself? Is it possible to achieve the much eluded work life balance in construction? How and why women make great mentors to younger women and men in the construction industry? And ways to advance women and engage men in the business

16:40 WIC Awards

  • Recognizing and felicitation of top individual (men and women) for their outstanding contribution in the following categories:

    • Next Generation Female of the Year
    • Women in Leadership
    • Employer of The Year Championing Inclusion & Diversity

17:00-18:00 Speed Networking Session