Gurdeep Randhay

Speaker Name

Gurdeep Randhay

Head of Tax and VAT

Grant Thornton

AboutGurdeep Randhay

With over 23 years of indirect tax experience, specifically relating to value-added tax (VAT), Gurdeep brings a wide spectrum view to businesses of all sizes and industries.

Having spent most of his profession working and lobbying with government bodies, playing an instrumental role in regulatory reform, alongside leading the tax practice of the one of the world's largest corporations he offers imperative solutions for businesses who require VAT readiness and implementation.

More recently, he was leading the VAT implementation initiative for KPMG KSA, where he was the Head of Tax, additionally he has performed the role of ASEAN Regional Tax and VAT Controller for Intel Corporation based in Malaysia covering ASEAN, South Asia and Australasia.

Gurdeep has been extensively involved with VAT (called Goods and Services Tax (GST) is Singapore) implementation for clients when it was introduced in Singapore in 1994. Gurdeep successfully engaged various Revenue authorities in VAT/GST controversy including successfully obtaining a multi-million-dollar VAT/GST settlement for a US based MNC in Singapore.


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