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Gear up for 4 immersive days on what’s new and now in architecture and design industry. At the architecture Talks, hear from recognized creative leaders, inspiring thinkers, new voices and visionaries as they take you on a journey covering topics from architecture inspiration, design skills, business advice, industry insights and more. 

Below is the initial agenda for the Architecture Talks. We are working on finalising this soon, watch this space for updates.



Preliminary Agenda

  1. How to implement contemporary architecture without compromising culture and cost?
  2. Where does the inspiration for unique and incredible architecture/design come from?
  3. How to satisfy the customer? The age old question between what one wants and what is actually feasible from a design standpoint within budget?
  4. What are the challenges faced by architects in terms of space, people, city and the planet? How do they overcome them?
  5. The impact of architecture: How architecture can connect people and build communities?
  6. A closer look into design principles for complex buildings/ Architecture lighting design
  7. Design for value: How to combine human comfort and environmental comfort to create sustainable architecture?
  8. Every building has a story – What is the importance of integrating a theme with design? How to collaborate Building design with storytelling?
  9. How to reinvent existing structures? How to use Recycled building materials and design based on circular economy model? / Innovation in building materials
  10. The art of implementing sustainable design and architecture to fix the current environmental challenges.
  11. What possibilities can be created using VR in building design?
  12. Design and architectural innovation in facades / Advanced facades geometries


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