26 - 29 November 2018 | 11:00 - 19:00 Daily DUBAI WORLD TRADE CENTRE

HVAC - R Talks


HVAC - R Talks

26 - 29 November

Dubai World Trade Centre

Given the tremendous growth opportunities, the Middle East has recently attracted several global players of the HVAC-R industry. The regulators are profoundly focusing on quality and energy efficient products. Nonetheless, the industry isn’t shying away from this rising demand and is finding new and innovative technologies to meet the needs of the regulators as well as the consumers.

To capitalize on the industry needs, HVAC-R Talks will take place from 26 - 29 November at Za'abeel Hall 4, Dubai World Trade Centre. This 4-day CPD certified educational talks will bring together industry professionals from across the region to advance their knowledge, learn technological advancements, innovative strategies and network with like-minded peers.

1. From being a luxury to becoming a necessity - Latest trends and opportunities of the growing HVAC-R industry

  • Challenges faced by HVACR manufacturers in adhering to the energy efficiency standards while developing innovative products
  • Rising Demand for Energy Efficient HVACR in Green Buildings and Smart Cities

2. Retrofitting and HVAC systems

  • Do we see a synergy there?
  • What are the new technologies and systems in demand to make this relationship work?

3. Big Data, IoT, Smart Thermostats – True game changers of HVAC industry

  • Streamlining operations and allowing one control point to regulate systems
  • Technologies impacting cost and energy efficiency of the HVAC systems
  • Moving hand in hand with the smart city development

4. Buildings of the Future - Environmentally Responsible, High-Performance MEP Solutions

  • Providing MEP solutions that meet the sustainability needs and standards of the changing residential environment
  • Energy and cost reduction opportunities associated with HVAC for new projects and retrofit solutions for the old units

5. Understanding District Energy’s Potential as a Sustainable Cooling Solution in the Middle East

  • Devising and adopting utilities-style regulation
  • Challenges faced and innovations expected in the coming years
  • Cost, comfort, environmental protection and operational efficiency

6. Dubai Central Laboratory’s Certification Requirements for Thermal Insulation - What, Why and How?

  • Hear it straight from the horse’s mouth on the revised certification schemes (Specific Rules) for thermal insulation materials and products. These specifications are in line with the fire safety requirements of the UAE Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice 2016 (UAE-FLSC 2016)

7. Cooling the Super Tall and Skyscrapers of the Middle East

  • Making tall buildings livable with holistic design approach and new technologies
  • Challenges faced by engineers to design temperature control systems for these buildings
  • Case study – Voltas for High Rise structures

8. Long live the HVAC systems

  • Increasing durability of the HVAC systems with preventive and timely maintenance procedures
  • What role does quality play in the life expectancy of the HVAC systems?

9. VRF/VRV systems – Winner in the line providing specialized solutions

  • Bringing effectiveness and efficiency in commercial construction projects with VRF/VRV systems

10. Air Quality Monitoring

  • Initiatives taken up by government, emerging trends and gaps that need to be addressed by industry stakeholders

11. Samsung’s Wind-free Air Conditioners

  • Bringing more comfort with lesser energy consumption

12. Zoned HVAC

New trend of zoned heating and cooling system, providing energy and cost efficiency