23 - 26 November 2020


The Big 5 Talks is a series of free-to-attend and high level workshops complementing the ethos of the leading construction event of the region– The Big 5. These boutique workshops include a diverse set of tools from some of the most exciting case studies, powerful keynotes and captivating debates to put a spotlight on what’s new & relevant, address the challenges of construction and provide takeaway practical solutions for a better future of construction.

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Here's an insight to some of the important topics covered at the Architecture Talks:

  • How sustainable materials impact the architectural design of buildings?
  • Using 3D printing in architectural design-benefits for architects and clients
  • Role of aesthetics for interior design process
  • How architecture has defines the tourism industry in the UAE?
  • Bimimicry in architecture-can it lead to a sustainable future?

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Featured speakers for Architecture & Design Talks include:

Dr. Albert S. Fakhoury

Martin Tillman

Ellen Søhoel
Founder & Director
XBD Collective

Bassel Omara
Lead Design Architect
Dorsch Gruppe

Here's an insight to some of the important topics covered at the Offsite & Modular Talks:

  • Advances in offsite & modular construction
  • New challenges and opportunities for prefab in the region-how can we make the necessary change?
  • Optioneering-which offsite solution would work best for you?
  • Safety and legislative requirements and options of lifting and installing modules.
  • Is offsite cost effective or more expensive?

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Featured speakers for Offsite & Modular Construction Talks include:

Nejeeb Khan
Head of Design & Business Strategy

Waleed Elewa
Chief Executive Officer
BIM Road

Patrick O'Callaghan
Chief Executive Officer
Off-Site Engineering Solutions FZE

Yang Chen
Technical Director
CIMC Modular Building Systems Holding

Here's an insight to some of the important topics covered at the Project Management Talks:

  • Organizational agility-how important & impactful adaptation & agility are to the overall business success?
  • How can lean construction management help in improving the effectiveness & efficiency of large construction projects?
  • Strategic PMO implementation and its impact on organization's 
  • Implementing an enterprise risk management program in an organization-challenges & benefits
  • Cost management: keeping your project budget under control

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Featured speakers for Project Management Talks include:

Kenny Holm
Project Director
Arabtech Construction LLC

Antonis Slicher
Project Director
MHPM Project Managers

Dr. Amjad Alshabatat

Mounir A. Ajam
Chief Executive Officer

Here's an insight to some of the important topics covered at the Technology Talks:

  • Advanced technology & innovative thinking shaping buildings of the future
  • Smart buildings to smart cities: improving efficiency & performance through integrated technologies
  • Changing the evidence based design in the digital transformation era
  • Smart cities paving the road to the future of sustainable development
  • Technologies for sustainable smart cities development

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Featured speakers for Technology Talks include:

Mohsen Haj Hassan
Senior Consultant


Dr. Maryam Al Yammahi
Assistant Professor
UAE University

Roberto Molinos
Managing Director

Tamer Elgohari
VDC and Innovation Manager
Analytica Management Solutions

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