25 - 28 November 2019

The construction industry is among the least digitised sectors around, with almost all its processes being repetitive and labour-intensive. A study by McKinsey showed that large projects typically extend 20 percent beyond the initial project completion date, and they are usually up to 80 percent over budget.

Industrialised construction (IC) promotes the advancement of construction processes by employing mechanisation and automation. There are several intents behind the industrialisation of construction, such as increasing labour productivity, substituting labour intensive processes with machines, fast-tracking the rate of construction, commissioning new projects more quickly, reducing costs, lean construction, incorporating augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), and improving overall quality.

This is leading to convergence between manufacturing and construction, utilising manufacturing’s expertise in mass production and construction’s ability to design and build a highly customised complex product. The Autodesk Construction Technology Forum taking place on 25 November 2019, will discuss these new radical approaches and how various project stakeholders can get deeper insight in building information modelling (BIM) for faster project delivery, effective asset lifecycle management and gain a competitive advantage.

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Meet our speakers

Sorin Bularca
Technical Specialist- Structural & Connected BIM
Autodesk Middle East

Mohammed Abou Assali
Technical Specialist- Infrastructure
Autodesk Middle East

Krystal Herrington
Cloud Solutions Specialist
Autodesk Middle East

Nabil Nougha 
Technical Specialist- Interoperability Workflows & Plant
Autodesk Middle East

Vijay Raina
Senior Technical Specialist- MEP
Autodesk Middle East