25 - 28 November 2019 | 11:00 - 19:00 DUBAI WORLD TRADE CENTRE

Taking up all 110,000sqm of the Dubai World Trade Centre, plan ahead to make the most of your time onsite. 

Know what you are looking for: Start by identifying the products and services you want to research onsite when you attend The Big 5. 

Locate relevant products and services: our floorplan, maps out our five product sectors, the co-located events, as well as highlighting locations of educational sessions.

Map out your journey through the halls: There are many entrance points for all the halls of the exhibition. Once you have decided who you want to see, you can map out the most efficient path. 

Review the education features on offer: We've got a full programme of conferences and CPD Certified workshops. Review our timetable of education events online and register for the best ones for you.

Pick your days: Once you've decided what sessions you want to attend, you'll be able to figure out the best day or days for you to explore the exhibition. 

Plan your journey: We recommend you to travel to the venue using the metro. Other public transport options include, the bus or public taxis. If you would like to drive please note parking is very limited. 

The Big 5 Visitor App: Download 'The Big 5 - International Building & Construction Show' to help you plan your visit to the event. Navigate through the exhibitor list, plan your visit with your personal agenda and network with your industry colleagues. 

Follow up: You'll meet a lot of people and come away with lots of information. Once you are back at your desk, take a little time to follow up with everyone you met to build connections and help ensure you get the most out of future visits.